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Welcome to Wild Moon Temple

Wild Moon Temple is a Proto-Temple of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. It exists in an online platform called "Second Life" and is a place where members of the Correllian Tradition, and others with an interest in our path, may gather together to learn about the Tradition and its teachings, share knowledge and wisdom, attend our rituals and take part in other Temple activities and events. We welcome all who come with open minds and hearts.

Public Access

If you would like to know more about our Temple, you will find further information in the "About" section of this website. There is also information about our upcoming plans and scheduled activities in the "Events" section, and please take a look at our "Gallery" to see pictures of what we have been up to recently!

Member Access

If you are a member, you will need to sign into this website in order to access the "Members Area".  Access to this section of the web-site requires pre-approval from the Temple Administration Team and is subject to Terms and Conditions. For further information about becoming a member, please contact us by clicking here or message Earthstar in Second Life, who can be found listed under "earthstaruk resident" using the search tool.

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