Member's Area

Welcome to the Member's Area of the Wild Moon Temple Web-site.

This section of our web-site has been specially created for those who wish to commit themselves to the Wild Moon Temple or our community. We invite anyone who has an interest in our Temple to create an account through our web-site. Not only will you have access to areas unavailable to the public, you will also have your own personal blog space, access to our member's forum and much more. 

There are three different types of membership available, and the type of membership you have, determines what you can access within the member's area: 

  • Basic Membership - Access to The Member's Forum, Personal Blog, Registration Forms, Rules and Guidelines, 

  • Outer Court Membership - Basic Membership + Access to Tradition Information

  • Temple Membership - Access to All Areas including Temple Courses.

Membership is only available to those who have registered and been approved by the Temple Administration Team. We advise you make contact prior to registering either by contacting us in Second Life, or by any of the contact methods in the "Contact" section of this web-site so that we know who you are and can quickly approve your membership.


If you are an existing member of the web-site, please sign in by using the log-in button above. 

If you would like to join our web-site, please click the button below to sign up. You will start with a Basic Membership, if you would like to become a member of the Outer Court or join the Temple as a Full Member, please access those areas once you have signed up and complete the required Registration Forms.