Novitiate Training

At Wild Moon Temple, we are very proud of our rituals and ceremonies and we expect a high standard from all those who take responsibility for one of the many roles that are required to ensure a ritual runs smoothly.

Preparations begin long before the day of the ritual itself and the Ritual Leader will not only write the ritual, but also create any resources needed and decorate and cleanse the ritual space. It is also their job to invite volunteers to participate in the specific roles that the ritual requires.

As such, the Wild Moon Temple Council felt that it was extremely important that those who are asked to take on roles within the ritual should understand the role and its significance, as well as know how to carry out the role during the ritual itself. 

To source ritual participants, we select people within the Wild Moon Temple group and ask if they would like to become a Novitiate. A "novitiate" is someone who is learning, particularly within a religious order; and so this title has been assigned to those who accept our offer to take on a more active role in ritual. This programme has been created to help novitiates carry out any assigned ritual role successfully. 

Please be aware, this training is not open to everyone. It is available to temple members who have shown dedication and commitment to Wild Moon and is offered by invitation only. It is of course your free will and personal choice if you should like to become more involved.

If you would like to know more, or feel that you would like to take on a role within our rituals, please feel free to speak with Earthstar or Cherrie who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the requirements of the programme itself.

If you have been invited to be a Novitiate, please click the button below to access the programme materials.



Last updated: January 25th 2021

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