Second Life

What is "Second Life"?

Second Life is an online virtual world: a platform created by Linden Labs in June 2003. It enables users to create a representation of themselves in the form of an "avatar" that can interact with other people and the environment itself. 

The residents of Second Life are able to create their own version of reality, share interests, meet together, socialise and take part in group activities.

Wild Moon Temple exists in Second Life as an official Witan Shrine of the Correllian Nativist Tradition for current members and those who have an interest in our path to have a virtual space to call home.

To be able to access Wild Moon Temple you need to:

1) Create a user account at

2) Download a viewer

3) Log in, complete "Orientation Island" and locate us within Second Life

Please check the tabs above under "Second Life" to view a guide for each step outlined here.